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Enter your initials; name; surname; car; hobby or anything! Tip: Search two or more initials or numbers for better matches

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Newreg has been the firm favourite with people looking for their perfect personal Car Registration plates since 1991 and the growth of the internet has made Newreg become even better equipped to unite everyone with that eye-catching number they've always wanted. At New Reg we a developed a range of car registrations searches for you to browse.

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You may already have something in mind - a name perhaps, or a set of initials - even if you have no idea of what will be the plate for you, don't be concerned. As well as our versatile 'general' search (the search box on this page), themed searches have been produced which will give you plenty of tips and number plates suggestions.

We are sure that you will find our site entertaining, and that you'll find yourself smiling,chuckling and laughing, at some of the amusing and cheeky combinations available from our vast stock of Car Registration plates.

Your own personalised registrations can be found by using the search box of this page, or click the link to explore our other Car Registration plates search options.

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