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Enter your initials, numbers, name, car make, hobby or just about anything! Tip: Search two or more initials or numbers for better matches

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Cherished Numbers

'Cherished number plates' is viewed by some as a peculiar description for what we provide to our customers - many prefer the terms 'personalised registration plates' or 'personal car number plates ' - however in very many cases cherished number plates are just that; number plates that are cherished by their owners. It is not unusual for customers to tell us that they have been searching for a specific registration and waited for years for it to become available!

Sometimes buyers are desperate to find a his and hers pair. Here at New Reg we'll try our best to match our customers to their perfect pair of cherished numbers. We have a particularly good example of a pair of cherished numbers in our New Reg stock at the moment; 1 MR and 1 GR, perfect you'll agree for Michael and Gill Robertson. They are cherished numbers indeed, and a pair which will add weight to any number plate portfolio.

A lot of people like to find registration marks which are similar or like their name, or something about them: a hobby or occupation perhaps. Number and letter combinations which represent initials and dates of birth are also very popular.When it comes to the ultimate in status symbols, it is the number one which must be considered the ultimate cherished number plates.

Don't worry that your own perfect cherished registration may be beyond your means, at Newreg we have something for every budget so something for everyone. Some of the most popular plates, initials plates for example, may be had for under £250.00, so why not search for yours today? Use the search box, or choose one of our other cherished numbers search options.

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Mark Holland
5 / 5

Excellent friendly service. Lowest price of any other site I tried and fast efficient delivery of documents and plates.

New Reg DVLA Number Plates
Fiona Doidge
5 / 5

A fantastic service, very quick, professional and thorough - thank you.

With fast, efficient and friendly service as a standard, it's no wonder our customers consistently rate us 5/5.
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