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DVLA’s Next Private Number Plates Auction Coming Up!
Car owners and collectors should be on the look out over the coming weeks

Private number plates safe from EU meddling!
Breathe easy – standard and personalised number plates are safe!
Fuel Prices Hitting New Car Sales
In June new car registrations have fallen...
Number Plate Sold For Record £331,500
M1 sold for record price...

Anti-Theft Number Plates Launched
New "thief-proof" car Number Plates are being launched by the government...
Car Sales Up in May
Car sales have unexpectedly rose in May of this year...
DVLA nets £6m from sale of motorist details
Vehicle ownership data sold to private sector at £2.50 a pop...
B4NND Plates
Thousands of rude car reg numbers outlawed...
DVLA plates smash auction records
Special Number Plates on sale via auction...
UK Car Registrations Fall
In April car registrations took a dive...
Police Storing Number Plate Data
Police can store number plate details for at least two years, the government has revealed...
The Police have had enough
Police are going to crack down on "fancy" number plates...

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