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Number Plates

DVLC number plates have been issued in the UK since 1903, when some of the most desirable car registrations first adorned UK vehicles. The term DVLC stands for Driver Vehicle Licensing Centre and it was this Governing body that was responsible for producing such ‘moving art’ as Y 1, B 1, H 8, K 5 and in later year’s number plates such as CLA 55 and AL 1. Throughout the twentieth century the styles and visual delivery of number plates has changed many times, resulting is massive confusion for members of the public, but it’s not only the styles that have created number plates confusion!

Even the terms of reference to the business of selling private number plates has very little order or format. Technically the term ‘Number Plates’ refers to the physical acrylic ‘Signs’ that all drivers of vehicles first issued during or after 1973 must lawfully affix to their vehicles, yet this term of reference is the most lucrative on Google for companies that operate within this business.

To add further confusion to industry references the DVLC became the DVLA in 1990, and the acronym DVLC is today obsolete. However, whilst the term DVLA is searched considerably more than DVLC, the number of searches for the term DVLC is still considerable, once again demonstrating the ‘chaos’ of the industry. (Searches performed on Yahoo! in April 2006 DVLA – 206,520 searches; DVLC – 8,676 searches).

Another reference to the interest of UK number plates is the term ‘Autonumerology’. This is the actual word that today features within the dictionary with the definition: ‘the study of unusual license plate numbers’ a term attributed to the passion of one of the industries pioneers, Mr Noel Woodall.


  • ‘DVLA’ (formerly DVLC) is the authority that is currently responsible for issuing all registration marks to vehicles in the UK.
  • ‘Number Plates’ are the physical acrylic plates that are affixed to your vehicle.
  • ‘Autonumerology’ is the term used to describe the ‘study’ of unusual license plates.
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Closing Statement

The business and passion that today surrounds the number plates industry was never in the Governments wildest dreams anticipated at the start of the twentieth century and the history of this rather incidental market place has been forever contentious. Public confusion reigns but nevertheless we thank the DVLC for accidentally giving birth to a vibrant industry.

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