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New Reg Guarantee to be the cheapest price.

You will not find another dealer advertising a registration mark cheaper than New Reg..... but if you do we'll beat it!

What does this mean?

New Reg Guarantee to beat the price if you find the same unissued Registration Mark simultaneously advertised cheaper anywhere else! Our Guarantee applies to current prices at your time of purchase from us and incorporates the cost of the rights to display the Registration Mark; the VAT applied on the purchase of the same; and the compulsory fee charged by the Department of Transport. An unissued Registration Mark is a combination that has never been assigned to a car or certificate.

As part of our online service New Reg also manufacture and supply the physical number plates at highly competitive prices, saving you the time and trouble of getting them from a third party supplier. For your convenience a pair of Acrylic Number Plates must be purchased from New Reg with every Registration Mark sale. If you require, skilled New Reg administrators can handle the entire transfer process on your behalf, ensuring that you do not have to process the legal transfer yourself.

Newreg Number Plate or Personalised Plate price guarantee!

You will not find another dealer advertising a registration mark or number plate cheaper than New Reg...

But if you do we'll beat it!

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