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Retention Scheme

What is the retention scheme?

If you would like to buy a vehicle number but have not yet purchased the vehicle to display the registration mark, you may retain the registration number on what is known as a 'Retention Certificate'.

The Retention Certificate enables you to retain the mark for up to twelve months prior to being assigned and costs only £25.00, incidentally you must pre-pay the £80.00 transfer fee in advance when retaining a mark. There are strict rules governing the use of retention certificates of which you must make yourself fully aware prior to using the service.

Northern Ireland retentions

Where a number is held on a governing bodies retention and the recipient vehicle is based at an address in Northern Ireland there is a delay and an additional cost to be incurred.

The explanation for this is that the governing bodies of both England and Ireland do not permit transfers directly from such retention certificates to Northern Ireland based vehicles.

To combat this problem New Reg are more than happy to transfer your chosen number to one of our own vehicles on the mainland if instructed to do so. Upon receipt of the amended V5 from Swansea, which normally takes in the region of 5 weeks to be received, we shall transfer the number to your vehicle. The additional cost shall be £80.00 on the basis that there are 2 transfers to pay for. From a time scale point of view the delay shall be in the region of 6/8 weeks.

Retention certificates may be extended for a further 12 months providing that the application is made in the twelfth month of the life span of the certificate. Only the 'Purchaser' may make such an application and your attention is drawn to our terms of business for further clarification on the subject of certificate extensions.
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