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Cheap Number Plates

You may have seen cars on the road with private number plates and thought they might be a luxury you could never afford, but the truth is personal registrations today are very accessible.

At New Reg, we can help you to buy the number plate you want even when you’re on a tight budget. With our innovative search tools, we present your options to you in an easy to read list, making our website the place to come for the cheapest registration plates. Our registrations comprise of unissued government number plates from the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) as well as private registrations already out in circulation.

We offer you extensive access to an impressive selection of affordable number plates from all over the UK. You’ll find registrations at value for money prices from a variety of different eras, including both current and dateless number plates. We’ll also show you number plates with both a prefix and suffix style that are available for sale. If you’re not sure what all these plates look like, don’t worry, we have visual examples of all kinds of plate styles so you can pick the one to suit your individual taste.

Northern Irish registrations can be among the cheapest car number plates to purchase and are well worth considering when you’ve got a set budget. The number plates of Northern Ireland can be legally transferred to UK cars and used freely on public roads across the country. They have the added benefit of being dateless, containing no age indicator. The only other plates in the UK that have this sought-after characteristic are the highly priced cherished registrations that were released before age identifiers were included. Irish plates have one other advantage when it comes to making a great private reg; they contain either an I or a Z, making them ideal for displaying names or nicknames that contain these letters.

Private number plates can be a great investment. Many savvy individuals pick up the cheapest registrations on offer and wait for them to increase in value. With patience and time, these number plates may become more in demand so when it comes time to sell, a tidy profit can be made.

If you see a private registration that you really want but find it’s a little beyond your budget, at New Reg we can help. Not only do we supply plenty of options at affordable prices as alternatives, but we can also offer you the possibility of a finance deal to cover the costs. Here you’ll find finance plans that allow you to pay for your private plate over many months, including deals where you pay 0% interest. To reduce the size of your monthly payments you’ll also have the option to pay an initial deposit.

To save you yet more money, we offer a price match promise. If you see the same unissued government stock plate advertised elsewhere for less, we’ll beat the price. This means you can be sure you’re getting a good deal when you come to us.

Where can I buy number plates cheap?

When you want to buy number plates at low prices, you can rely on New Reg. We provide a full range of registrations to suit all budgets, and we even offer to beat the price if you spot the same unissued government stock number plates advertised more cheaply at the same time elsewhere. In addition, we provide finance options that allow you to spread the cost of your private number plate purchase over a number of months or even years.

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Common Number Plate Questions

  • What are the current legal requirements?
    Number plates must be made from reflective material. The front plate must have black characters on a white background, while the back must have black characters on a yellow background. No background patterns are allowed.

    Motorcycle and Motor-Tricycle riders only have to equip a number plate on the back of their vehicle.
  • What are the current legal measurements?
    Characters on a number plate must also be a certain height and size, with particular spacing:
    Standard Shape: Each plate measures 524mm x 112mm. Please note that these plates can display a maximum of 7 digits.
    Standard 4x4 Rear: Standard 4x4 Rear 285mm x 203mm supplied with Standard front plate 524mm x 112mm.
    Large Rear: Large Rear (Jaguar/Porsche etc.) 533mm x 152mm with Standard front plate 524mm x 112mm.
  • What type of changes are illegal?
    The positioning and spacing of the number plate must not change to ensure the plate is road-legal and can be read correctly. Also, when creating a custom reg you cannot make the date of the car (the third and fourth characters) appear newer than it is.
  • How can I customise my private registration?
    Besides the layout of letters and digits there are a few other ways you can personalise you reg:
    Characters: With the license plate's characters you have a few options such as making the characters 3D.
    Border: Choose from options such as dashed, dotted and solid to place a border around your reg.
    Flag: Pick from a variety of flags such as the Union Jack or St George's Cross, then choose your tag such as ENG, England, SCO, SCOTLAND, WALES, UK and more.
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