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To find a list of private registrations that meet your requirements, just indicate the desired number of digits, letters, or numbers. This search method is particularly useful for potential investors who are seeking affordable cherished dateless plates..

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Prefix Private Registration Plates

Prefix number plates are a popular and eye-catching style of vehicle registration. They were issued between 1983 and 2001, and the prefix indicates the year of registration. The first letter on the plate signifies the year in which the vehicle was registered, followed by a unique combination of numbers and letters. Prefix plates have become highly sought after due to their distinct design and age-related significance. Additionally, they offer personalisation options for drivers looking to add a unique touch to their vehicles.

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Suffix Private Plates

Suffix style registration plates were introduced in 1963 and were in use till 1983. The registration plates comprise three letters, one to three numbers, and a final letter indicating the year of registration, starting with "A" for 1963, "B" for 1964, and so on. If you are interested in purchasing a suffix private plate, you can utilise our easy-to-use suffix plate builder that provides instant results at an unbeatable price. With our platform, you can customise your plate by selecting your preferred letters and numbers to create a unique registration that reflects your personality. Our suffix plates are high-quality and legal for use on UK roads, so you can be sure of getting a great value for your money.

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Current Style Car Registrations

The existing style of number plates is made up of seven characters. It starts with two letters, followed by a two-digit number and ends with three more letters. These registration plates can still be used to spell out words, for example: DE51 RED. This type of new number plate allows for a much larger number of combinations compared to the previous versions that were available before 2001. However, the letters "I" and "Q" are not allowed, but the letter "Z" can appear as part of the last three characters.

Selling Private Plates FAQS

Seller's Questions

  1. How much will it cost me to let New Reg sell my mark?

    Nothing. New Reg commission is paid by the purchaser of the mark.

  2. What are the New Reg commission charges?

    New Reg commission charges vary depending on the registration mark that we are selling.

  3. Can I increase the amount shown on the agreement that shall be returned to me?

    Yes. However, it is worth remembering that the price New Reg has indicated is based on a true market valuation that we believe your registration mark shall achieve. If the price is dramatically increased to over 50% of the true market valuation then we will not advertise the registration mark on your behalf.

  4. Can I increase the amount shown on the agreement that shall be returned to me after a buyer has been found?

    No. Upon finding a buyer for your registration number your contract will be enforced, ensuring that the purchaser of your mark pays the price pre-agreed upon.

  5. Do I have to pay for another mark to be issued to my vehicle once mine has been sold?

    No. Your vehicle will be automatically issued with a random replacement mark with an appropriate year letter during the transfer procedure. You are not charged for the standard replacement mark.

  6. When do I get paid?

    Payment shall be made in full after the transfer procedure has been completed and all documents have been acquired from the governing bodies. Completion is indicated by notification to New Reg of the replacement mark for the donor vehicle and proof of the same. Where it is held on a certificate, payment will be made when the registration mark has been assigned to the recipient vehicle and proof of the same has been acquired.

  7. Can I cancel my commission with New Reg?

    You may cancel this agreement at any time giving 7 days’ notice in writing using any of the following methods:

    • By recorded delivery to: New Reg, PO Box 911, Longton, Preston, Lancashire, PR4 5PS.
    • By email to
    • By fax communication to 01772 566401..

    Cancellation must be made prior to New Reg finding a buyer for the registration mark.

  8. My Vehicle is not taxed or tested. May I transfer the mark?

    Vehicles must be:

    • Registered with the DVLA.
    • Taxed or have a SORN in place within the last 5 years.
    • Available for inspection.

  9. Can I scrap my vehicle before the sale of the number?

    IMPORTANT: DO NOT dispose of the vehicle until the application has been fully completed and you have received the amended document(s). If you dispose of the vehicle too soon, you may lose entitlement to the cherished mark.

  10. My V5C states the number is non-transferable. Can I still sell it?

    No. If the V5C states that the registration number is non-transferable, then it cannot be transferred or retained.

  11. What sort of number will my vehicle be issued with after the transfer?

    Upon completion of the transfer a replacement mark will be assigned to your vehicle and the DVLA will notify you of the same when the time comes to affix the replacement plates. Your vehicle shall receive a mark appropriate to the year of first registration and shall NOT be issued with a 'Q' prefix registration number.

  12. I have a cherished number on a tractor. Can I transfer it?

    No. Vehicles must be subject to MOT / HGV test. Non-testable vehicles such as agricultural tractors and milk floats, for example, are outside the scope of the schemes. Only testable vehicles can participate in transfers and retentions and valid test certificates must be sent with applications.

  13. I have an old V5/Log Book and the vehicle no longer exists. Can I still transfer the number?

    No. Once a vehicle has ceased to exist, entitlement to its number also ceases. Possession of a log book or registration document alone does not give you entitlement to a registration number. If a vehicle has been scrapped, you are required by law to notify the Secretary of State and return the registration document to DVLA.

  14. Where do New Reg advertise?

    Our main Internet website is, however we work closely with many large media houses, affiliates and vehicle information portals, providing content for their sites. Upon receiving your authorisation slip, your registration number shall appear on the Internet until it is sold.

  15. How will I know if you find a buyer?

    Upon finding a buyer New Reg shall contact you in writing to request certain documents necessary for us to perform the transfer. We shall endeavour to contact you by telephone or in writing with any close offers made to New Reg which are less than the agreed price.

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