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Searching Private Number Plates

If you have a particular registration in mind, use this prefix registration style search to specify exactly what you want.

  • play_arrowEnter the prefix letter and trailing number/s.
  • play_arrowAdd three random letters.
  • play_arrowHit search! Browse your results.

  • HINT: Use just three characters to see more results.
Choose Prefix and Number
Choose 3 Letters
Prefix style number plate example displaying C21 JON Prefix style number plate example displaying D45 SAM

Prefix/Age Indicator | 1-3 Digit Code | 3 Letter Code

How Does the Prefix Registration Format Work?

Prefix Number Plates are combinations with the year identifier at the beginning of the combination, some examples may be as follows: C21 JON or D45 SAM. Combinations within this category always have three letters and may be preceded by the number range 21 to 999 plus the prefix indicators excluding I, O, Q, U and Z.

The number range 1 to 20 on the A to H prefix were withheld for select issue. On the newer prefix range from J onward the following numbers are withheld for select issue and may be bought subject to availability: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 2022 30 33 40 44 50 55 60 66 70 77 80 88 90 99 100 111 200 222 300 333 400 444 500 555 600 666 700 777 800 888 900 999.

Common Number Plate Questions

  • What are the current legal requirements?
    Number plates must be made from reflective material. The front plate must have black characters on a white background, while the back must have black characters on a yellow background. No background patterns are allowed.

    Motorcycle and Motor-Tricycle riders only have to equip a number plate on the back of their vehicle.
  • What are the current legal measurements?
    Characters on a number plate must also be a certain height and size, with particular spacing:
    Standard Shape: Each plate measures 524mm x 112mm. Please note that these plates can display a maximum of 7 digits.
    Standard 4x4 Rear: Standard 4x4 Rear 285mm x 203mm supplied with Standard front plate 524mm x 112mm.
    Large Rear: Large Rear (Jaguar/Porsche etc.) 533mm x 152mm with Standard front plate 524mm x 112mm.
  • What type of changes are illegal?
    The positioning and spacing of the number plate must not change to ensure the plate is road-legal and can be read correctly. Also, when creating a custom reg you cannot make the date of the car (the third and fourth characters) appear newer than it is.
  • How can I customise my private registration?
    Besides the layout of letters and digits there are a few other ways you can personalise you reg:
    Characters: With the license plate's characters you have a few options such as making the characters 3D.
    Border: Choose from options such as dashed, dotted and solid to place a border around your reg.
    Flag: Pick from a variety of flags such as the Union Jack or St George's Cross, then choose your tag such as ENG, England, SCO, SCOTLAND, WALES, UK and more.
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I bought one of these for the wife for…

I bought one of these for the wife for her birthday. They sorted everything out and even gift wrapped it. Would recommend these.

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Excellent. Straight forward, I would definitely recommend Newreg to anyone looking for a private plate

1 month ago

Seamless experience

Seamless experience. From selecting the ate to receiving the new registration plates and certificate couldn't have been made easier. I would happily purchase another plate from them should the need arise!

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Amazing. Bought the new plate on Sunday, a week later it was on my car.Very helpful staff, easy transaction

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Fast & efficient service excellent…

Fast & efficient service excellent customer services & really happy with my new platesWould highly recommend

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easy to sort, whole process very smooth

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