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New Reg Private Number Plates GXI 1 New Reg logo The Private Registration GXI 1 is available with or without fully-customisable printed number plates, as well as a premium transfer service which allows you to get GXI 1 on your vehicle, and in your name, with no paperwork required. 4.5 stars, based on 237 reviews £24285.00 Available from: New Reg Number Plates In stock! Order now!

Information about GXI 1

GXI 1 Rear Number Plate
GXI 1 Front Number Plate

  • Registration Mark Breakdown
    Registration Mark £24,205.00
    Compulsory DVLA transfer fee £80.00
    Total for Registration Mark £24,285.00

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much will GXI 1 cost?

    GXI 1 is available for a total cost of £24285.00. This breaks down as follows: £24,205.00 plus £80.00 Government transfer fee and VAT.

    You can buy this registration number today by agreeing the sale with us and by making a part payment of £2,428.50. The final payment of £21,856.50 is due within 3 weeks thereafter.

  • What if i'm not prepared to transfer yet?

    If not, it may be possible to hold GXI 1 on a Retention Certificate indefinitely.

  • How fast until completion?

    Taking ownership can be agreed with New Reg in a matter of minutes ensuring that you don't miss the chance to secure GXI 1. The actual transfer should be completed within 2 to 4 weeks and sometimes even faster*. In addition, New Reg can also supply you with a set of acrylic number plates for the receiving vehicle within just a few days, saving you from having to make a special trip to the garage.

  • Buying GXI 1 as a gift?

    If you are buying GXI 1 as a gift for someone else, New Reg will send your communication in plain envelopes. Experienced New Reg staff will then coordinate the entire transfer to the relevant vehicle if requested to do so. If you're still unsure, or have another question, please don't hesitate to call us on 01772 566400.

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1 month ago

Excellent service varirty of plates to…

Excellent service varirty of plates to choose from

2 months ago

Great service every time

Great service every time

8 hours ago

Excellent service

Excellent service. Everything happened within a week. Very easy and hassle free paperwork..

16 hours ago

From.finding my reg at New Reg to start…

From.finding my reg at New Reg to start to putting my private plates on my car I am very happy with the service New Reg have done for me Looking forward to using you again

1 month ago

Great service made things very easy and…

Great service made things very easy and hassle free

19 hours ago

All done very quickly with the minimum…

All done very quickly with the minimum of fuss. My car already had a Northern Ireland number when I bought it nearly four years ago. Although it hid the age (2012) I wanted something a little different but thought that the Irish reg might complicate...

1 month ago

Well done good service all sorted in a…

Well done good service all sorted in a week

1 day ago

Very good service.

Very good service.

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