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This method of searching is great for potential Investors looking for a cherished dateless plate at low-cost.

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Prefix Style Number Plates

Prefix number plates are one of the most recognisable and impacting styles of vehicle registrations. Introduced in '83, prefix number plates start with a letter representing the year of the registration.

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Suffix Registration Plates

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Suffix style registration plates, introduced in 1963, contain 3 letters, 2/3 numbers and a last letter to indicate the year the vehicle was registered, starting from "A" being 1963, "B" being 1964, and so on.

If you'd like a suffix registration, simply use our suffix plate builder for instant results that come with an unbeatable price tag.

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Current Style Registrations

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Current Number Plate Style

Current/New Style Registrations are the most recent types of Number Plates. They were first introduced in 2001.

Number Plates discounted; DVLA Registrations cost less at New Reg.

Our search engine is the best in the business. Why? Because it converts ordinary everyday names or words into ready-to-buy number plates!

Simply enter your full name or initials, words of interest, or numbers relevant to you and our search engine will immediately start converting. Try it and see for yourself why it's the most advanced number plate search engine around.

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Information & Services

  • DVLA approved Number Plates

    Here at New Reg we manufacture our own DVLA approved Number Plates using the strict guidelines set out by the government. The answer to any DVLA approved Number Plate query can be found here.
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  • Retention Scheme

    If you would like to buy a registration number but don't yet have a vehicle to transfer it to? You can retain the registration number on a 'Retention Certificate'.
    more info »
  • Types Of Registration

    There are many regional terms used to describe numberplates, personalised plates, number plates and private plates are a few. If you need help understanding the different types of personal number plate? Read our complete guide here.
    more info »
  • The New Registration Format

    On 1st September 2001, car registrations took on a new format. Read how you can spot the age of a car, and look at how private plates have changed over the years.
    more info »
  • List Of VROs

    Click the link below to view a complete list of VROs in your area. You generally won't need to call your Vehicle Registration office, we are more than happy to deal with the transfer of your registration.
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